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All biographies must be tied to a Star Citizen handle in game. No NPC biographies allowed.

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Game Lore

When Humanity launched into the solar system, we knew we were destined for great things. While we still had our differences, expanding out into the universe unified us as a people. Planets could be terraformed to suit our growth and resource needs, so the overcrowding that had plagued Earth was no longer an issue. Humanity joined together to face the vastness of space and the new monumental challenges that lay ahead.

On our journey further and further into the stars, we discovered new alien civilizations. Some were friendly, such as the trade-oriented Banu Protectorate. Others, not so much. The proud warrior-race known as the Tevarin sparked Humanity’s first and second interstellar war. The venerable Xi’an Empire maintained a diplomatic but chilly status with the Humans.

Fighting for our species survival paved the way for Humanity to succumb to its darker nature. A brilliant and manipulative soldier named Ivar Messer fanned the flames of fear to secure himself as the Earth’s first Imperator and forge the planets into a single empire. For hundreds of years, the Messers ruled the United Empire of Earth with unflinching control until finally, the people rose up to overthrow their despotic rulers and transform the corrupt government into an institution of the people.

Today, the UEE is ruled by Senators elected by Citizens from all over the Empire, while the military protects Humanity’s borders in massive capital ships allowing commerce and trade to flourish between systems and species. However, as the century draws to a close, there are new problems looming on the horizon leading many to wonder if the UEE can continue to survive.

Star Citizen is an upcoming multiplayer, space trading and combat game developed and published by Cloud Imperium Games.