§ 1.0 General Rule

It is free to publish biographies on any website. We welcome all types of biographies as long as they follow our publishing rules. We are not looking for any drama so please be nice and behave like adults. Your character might be rude and annoying in the universe but here we ask that you behave like an adult. We have zero tolerance for harassment, griefing or drama.

§ 1.1 Reviews

Before your character biography gets published, it will be flagged for review by one of our staff. During this review the biography will only be visible to you and you will not be able to make any edits until the review is completed.

If the review fails, the biography will be “drafted”, allowing you to make the necessary changes before submitting for publishing once more.

Once you have published a few biographies without any issue, we will extend our trust and allow you to publish without a review.

Biographies that are flagged by other members are also put under review and drafted if they are deemed to break any of our rules. Repeated offenses can lead to temporary or permanent ban from the universe or the entire network.

§ 2.0 Publishing Rules

§ 2.1 Original Content

We welcome any type of biographies as long as they are original content written by you. This means that you are not allowed to publish works written by someone else, including NPCs.

If you are a game developer and would like to publish NPC or in game character biographies, please contact us before doing so!

Plagiarism is not tolerated.

§ 2.2 No Advertisements

Just like you will never find banners or adverts in a book, we do not allow your character or group’s biography to contain any advertisement either! This includes links, promotions, offers or invites or invite codes!

§ 2.3 Stay on Topic

You must always select in which universe the character or group biography you are publishing, reside. This also means that the biography must fit into this universe.

The biography can contain profanity if it fits the character or overall story. However no adult material is allowed (no sex novels please).

Finally we do not allow character descriptions to be about or reference any real person, even if this could fit into the universe itself.

§ 2.4 No Drafts

Only complete biographies are allowed to be published. Biographies with “coming soon” or empty contents will not be published!

§ 2.5 Additional Publishing Rules

Before publishing a biography, please make sure you read the publishing rules for the universe itself. You can find these on the information page for each universe.

Please respect the lore of the universe where your character reside!

§ 3.0 Invites

You can invite others to join the website by sending them an invite via email. Each user can then select to either use this invite or block further invites from us. Each invite is valid for 1 week and if not used, automatically expires once the week is up.

You can send 5 invites at a time, and each time an invite is accepted, declined or expires, a new invite becomes automatically available to you. We love to invite everyone but prefer not to spam in doing so.

You can resend an invite once every 24 hours in case the recipient for some reason never received their invite.

You are responsible for each person you invite. If a person you invited is banned from the network, you will lose one invite. So if this occurs 5 times, you will lose your ability to invite others all together.

§ 4.0 Dungeon Master Accounts

Any regular account holder can upgrade to a “Dungeon Master” account for an annual fee. If you already have a “Dungeon Master” account, any additional purchases will extend your existing account with additional 365 days.

Upgrades can be purchased for your own account or for another member as long as that member is not banned from the network.

§ 4.1 Payment

Account upgrades can be paid using credit cards or using your earned commission from referrals.

Credit card payments are managed by Stripe. None of your credit card details or payment information is stored on our servers or shared with any third-party besides Stripe. While we accept all major credit cards, Stripe might limit what card types are available in your area.

§ 4.2 Refunds

Should you not be happy with our service, we offer a 7 day, no-questions-asked refund on payments when you buy an upgrade for yourself and pay using a credit card.

Gifting upgrades to other members are however non-refundable! If you accidently gifted an upgrade to the wrong account, we can transfer the upgrade to the correct account, free of charge (max. once).

Using fraudulent payment methods and/or tactics will result in a permanent ban from the network.

§ 5.0 Terms of Service

By joining the network, you understand and accept the above mentioned rules. You furthermore understand that we can not be held liable for the content published on our network. We will always inform you if our rules change BEFORE these changes come into effect and give you time to remove / export your content if you desire so.

We will never use your content as marketing! We will create our own content for this and we do not sell your content or data to any third-party for profit or for any other reason!

If you do not want search engines to index your content and in doing so market it to external sources, we advise you to set your biographies visibility to “Members Only”!

While we monitor and track your interaction with our website while being logged in, this data is only used internally to help us improve our service and performance. We pledge to you never to sell, share or trade this information with any third-party, including game makers without your prior approval.

Finally as the owners of this service, we reserve the right to change these rules and to deny service to individuals or organizations whom we find are abusing, hurting or taking advantage of our service at our own discretion. We will always try and have an open and constructive dialog with all parties but at the end of the day, we have the final say.