§ 1.0 General Rule

It is free to publish biographies on any website. All biographies are submitted for review before becoming publicly visible. Once you have successfully published multiple biographies without any issues, we will trust you to publish biographies without a review.

If your submitted biography do not comply with any of the rules listed here, it will be “drafted”. A drafted biography will only be visible to you. Once you have fixed the issue, you can submit the biography for a new review.

We are not looking for drama so please be nice. Harassment or repeated violations of our rules will result in temporary or permanent ban from the network.

§ 2.0 Original Content

We welcome any type of biographies as long as they are original content written by you. This means that you are not allowed to publish works written by someone else, including NPCs.

If you are a game developer and would like to publish NPC or in game character biographies, please contact us before doing so!

Plagiarism is not tolerated.

§ 3.0 No Advertisements

The content you publish here should be a biography of a character or group. This should not contain any spam or advertisements, just like you will not find links or banners in books.

§ 4.0 Stay on Topic

You must always select in which universe the character or group biography you are publishing, reside. This also means that the biography must fit into this universe.

The biography can contain profanity if it fits the character or overall story. However no adult material is allowed.