The network uses, like most websites, HTML cookies in order to help provide you with the service we offer. These cookies are essential for the operation of our website and without your consent to save them on your device, our website will not function as intended.

Who Issues The Cookies

Cookies are mainly issued by us – the network or by our host – Cloudways.

What Are Cookies Used For?

Cookies issued by our host is used to help caching of pages. This improves performance and speed of page loads. These cookies are of no use for anyone else but us.

Cookies issued by us are used for security and convenience. We do not advertise or track our visitors and we do not issue cookies on behalf of third-parties!

Types of cookies we issue:

  • Security cookie – this helps us identify you and for you to remain logged in on our website. This cookie is only given to you if you login. As a visitor you never get this cookie.
  • Menu cookie – On large screens, you can move the navigation around and save it’s location. To provide you with this feature, we need to save the location and status of the menu.
  • Cookie consent cookie – This prevents you from seeing the consent popup on every single page load.

Revoking Consent

You can revoke your consent by clearing your browser’s cookies. Once all cookies have been deleted, you will be logged out from our website and on the next visit you will be again asked to either give new consent or get redirected away from our website.